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Programmable drum samples and live drum reinforcement that brings your drum sound to the forefront.

The kit was meticulously recorded using the Royer R-121 (pictured above and below) and Shure SM7B for the Hi-hats, the classic Shure SM57 and Sennheiser e906 for top and bottom snare, Sennheiser MD 421s over each tom and an additional AKG D112 on the floor tom for added low end girth. The overhead mics used were the Schoeps CMC641 Stereo Pair, and the gorgeous tone of the live room was captured by two spaced sE 4400s in omni-cardioid mode summed into the tracks you'll hear in this pack.

Fancy audio jargon aside, these crisp drums will punch through any dense mix, and these vintage-style lush and dark cymbals will blend and sit back, but not cloud up the mood you're going for. 

Live drum playthrough mix/mastered by LookNorthRecordings, reinforced with RESIDENT DRUMS

With the Resident Kit, I wanted to capture the aggression and finesse of my live playing and put it into an easily applied and tangible form for me and everyone else to use on mixes of all genres. The kit's ability to replicate the tones I want hear in a mix and meld with other sounds and styles, the ease of tuning, and its natural and organic vibe, is what will make this sample pack so valuable in YOUR repertoire.

ALL samples were recorded with multiple velocities though an SSL Duality 48 Channel Console. PRO samples were also processed through an SSL EQ, outboard 1176,  or outboard LA-2A clone to shape individual tones as needed, along with Waves and SlateDigital plugins.


Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

  •  12" x 10" Rack Tom

  •  16" x 16" Floor Tom

  •  14" x 4.5" Snare

  •  22" x 20" Kick


Meinl Byzance Vintage Series

  •  22" Vintage Crash

  •  20" Vintage Crash

  •  16" Vintage Trash Crash


Meinl Byzance Brilliant Series

  •  14" Brilliant Hi-hats

Meinl Classics Custom Series

  •  18" Trash China


Free Version Includes:

  • (Unprocessed) Shells

  • Hi-hats

  • Vintage Crashes


PRO Version Includes:

  • Processed & Unprocessed Shells

  • Hi-Hats

  •  Vintage Crashes & Trash Crash

  • China

  • *BONUS* Trash Stack

(Trash Crash on top/Classics China on bottom) 

FREE KIT Audio Sample - LookNorthRecordings
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PRO KIT Audio Sample - LookNorthRecordings
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Logic Pro X Users will get the easily-loadable EXS24 Instrument files!
Non-Logic Pro X Users: All the variable-velocity one-shot samples loadable into any DAW or sampler!

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